Windows 11 Free Update ‘with Stable Release’ Officially on October 5!

Yesterday, Microsoft officially announced in a new blog post on its Windows blog that the upcoming Windows 11 update, “Final Stable Version”, will be available for download, and will also reach eligible Windows 10 users on October 5, 2021. On this day, all eligible devices currently running Windows 10 will get the free Windows 11 update – and on the same day laptops with Windows 11 pre-installed out of the box will go on sale.

Windows 11 final version

Did you know that you can download Windows 11 “ISO file beta version” and install it now on your device.

New features in Windows 11 “Stable Version”

  1. The new Windows 11 update is coming with new system sounds and notifications.
  2. The Start Menu is now customizable and contains only the things that are important to you.
  3. Microsoft 365 cloud integration so you can edit your files online.
  4. Improved multitasking and multi-window experience in the new operating system.
  5. Microsoft Teams has been improved and integrated into the taskbar for faster access.
  6. All-new widgets windows system with the ability to customize it to your liking.
  7. Microsoft Edge web browser software has been updated to be smoother and faster.
  8. Windows 11 has become a lot better deals with games with the integration of many new technologies such as DirectX12 Ultimate as well as DirectStorage in addition to Auto HDR.
  9. With Xbox Game Pass for PC in Windows 11, you can access more than 100 high-definition games every month for a small fee.
  10. Windows 11 is coming with a completely new software and game store that supports downloading Android games and applications in cooperation with Amazon and Intel.
  11. Windows 11 is optimized to be faster, smoother, and more efficient while improving the user experience even on devices with weak hardware.

Did you know that you can install Windows 11 on a non-supported device by following several different steps.

Windows 11 upgrade will be gradual

As we mentioned, the final version of Windows 11 will be officially launched starting from October 5, 2021 and it will be launched to users successively, and not to everyone at the same time. And to complement the distinct user experience in Windows 10, the American giant intends to follow the same approach with Windows 11.

According to the official announcement of the upcoming stable Windows 11 update, the system will reach devices with processors eligible for the upgrade first, and then over time it will reach devices that are currently running on the previous OS but have not been sold yet, based on some criteria set by the company such as internal hardware and level Its strength, device age, and some other things that may affect when a new update arrives.

Did you know that you can now download Windows 11 ISO file directly from Microsoft servers

Make sure there is a new update

According to the official announcement, the free Windows 11 update is expected to reach all users by mid-2022. So, if you currently have a PC or laptop with Windows 10 that qualifies for the upcoming system, you will find that there is a new notification on the Windows Update page as soon as the system is available for your device. You can also check if your device is eligible for the new system or not by either going to Settings > Windows Updates > click to check for new updates, or simply by running the PC Health Check tool on your computer.

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