Download Huawei Chat Partner | Install Google Services on Huawei/Honor Devices

Get Google Services on Huawei devices via Chat Partner App. Huawei or Honor smartphones usually come with powerful internal hardware, especially when we talk about their flagship phones like Huawei Mate 30 or Huawei P40. However, due to the ongoing war between Huawei and American companies, Huawei has so far lost official Google support for official system updates as well as any support for the usual American company services. So, in the event that you purchase any new phone from Huawei or Honor you will not be able to use Google Play, or the Play Games feature for games like other Android phones. Although Huawei devices are still running the Android operating system, they lack any official service from Google. However, there is a way for you to install Google apps on Huawei Honor phones (unofficially of course), and this is what we will talk about in detail below.

Download Chat Partner

App Chat Partner
Version v1.0.0
Last updated February 30, 2020
Size 145MB
Programmer Huawei


Download Chat Partner Lite

App Huawei Chat Partner Lite
Version v0.207
Last updated February 28, 2020
Size 9.3 MB
Programmer Huawei

Download Partner Lite v0.207 APK

Important note: You are free to use the full version of the Huawei Chat Partner, or lite version, both of which will perform the same purpose required of them which is the ability to download and install all official Google services [Google Play Services files] on new Huawei or Honor phones that come without services Or the official Google applications. Next, we’ll talk in detail about the steps needed to do this.

Google Services for Huawei devices 2020 (new way)

If you are a fan of the products of either Huawei or Honor, and you do not want to give up your loyalty due to the absence of the usual and important Google services for all Android users, then today we have a great way to be able to download Google Play for Huawei phones, or Honor. So, follow this new method knowing that Thanks to Hardreset, which was actually dedicated mainly to Huawei Nova 7i as well as Huwaei Y7p as well as Huawei Y8p, but it has nonetheless proven effective on all new Chinese company devices. So, prepare some necessary requirements first:

  • Make sure to enable the option to install applications from external sources via settings.
  • Although this process is completely safe, we always recommend that you make a backup copy of the contents of the phone first.
  • These steps are supportive to work on all Huawei, Honor devices without Google services.

Download the Huawei Google Services Zip

 Download Huawei Google Services

Play Store installation on Huawei devices

  1. Download the Google services folder from the link provided above (on the computer and not the phone).
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file.
  3. Now transfer the entire folder to the phone memory with a USB cable.
  4. At this point, backup your phone data.
    • Go to Settings> System & Updates> Backup & Restore> Data backup> Agree.
  5. Once you have completed the backup process in the previous step, with the phone file manager go to the files that you moved in the third step.
    Install Google Apps on Huawei Devices Mohamedovic 01
  6. Now the actual installation process will start, here go to the Google Play-001 file  and install it.
    • Remember to select ‘Don’t Ask Me Again‘ because you will install 7 more files next
  7. Once you have completed the first installation file, start now install files 002003004 (in the same order).
  8. Did you finish installing files in the previous step? Now go to your App Drawer and you will find a new app with a large letter G and a white background.
  9. Simply launch the app and click on the ACTIVATE button .
  10. Now you will need to press the Allow  button and then press the Chinese blue button twice.
  11. Now exit the application.
  12. Now go to phone settings, then go to ‘Users & Accounts‘ options .
  13. Click “Add an account”  button to add your existing Google account.
  14. Now by clicking on the Existing  button , add your Gmail mail and passcode, then log in.
  15. Have you finished the previous steps? Now go back to the Applications folder from step 3 and install the 005-006 files and also 007 in order.
    Install Google Apps on Huawei Devices Mohamedovic 10
  16. Once you have finished all the remaining files, restart the phone.

Get here and we’re done! You have now installed the usual Google services for Android on your Huawei phone or the new honor, and you can now enjoy downloading all the usual Google applications such as YouTube or Maps or whatever you want to download from the Play Store. But despite that, some users who have tried this method have indicated that they encountered the problem of the Google Play Services Message Notifications requires action annoyingly and repeatedly, so follow these steps to fix this error:

Fix a Google Play Services requires action problem

  1. Go to Settings> then to Apps section.
  2. Again go to Apps, go to the three vertical dots in the upper corner of the screen.
  3. Now click on the Show system processes option and in the search box type Google.
  4. Now you will need to go for all of these apps one by one, then disable their notifications.
    • For example: Go to Google Account Manager> then Notifications> and turn off Allow notifications option.
  5. Last but not least, you won’t need this big G Chinese app from first steps again, so you can uninstall it now.

Install Google Services on Huawei Devices (Chat Partner)

I think that the way Google Play installs the Honor or Huawei phones, which we will discuss next, is the lowest method ever in this regard if you happen to be looking for a way to do that. The method is easy, simple, and uncomplicated, and it works without any errors at all since it has been tried many times. So, let’s go straight to the steps knowing that the method has been tried on Huawei Y7p and it will work on other Huawei devices as well.

  1. Run Chat Partner Lite app once it’s installed.
  2. In the next window, the application will ask you to log in, and below you will find a ‘ Detect Device ‘ button .
    Install Google Play for Huawei phones
    Click the Detect Device button
  3. In the next window, click on the ‘ Repair Now ‘ button, then click on the ‘ Activate’ option .
    Download play store for honor phone
    Click on ‘Repair Now’ button, then Activate
  4. Now the application will start working, it may take several minutes before it ends and reaches 100%.
    Operating the Google App Store for Huawei phones
    Wait for it to complete 100%.
  5. Once the application has finished running, simply click on the Complete button.
    Install Google Play On Huawei Device via Chat Partner Mohamedovic 04
  6. Now the app will take you to the Google account login page, from here enter your Google account data.
  7. Once you finish logging in, you will need at this point to restart your phone again.
  8. When the phone returns after restart, you will notice the Google Play Store icon in the phone apps menu.

Google Play applications for Huawei phones

Currently, all users who have tried this method did not notice any errors or problems while downloading the usual applications from Google or using any of the official services such as maps or YouTube and so on, so this method should be safe. But despite that, you will of course not be able to use some basic services from Google like Google Pay or different services for broadcasting movies such as Netflex for example.

Google Play for Huawei, Honor phones

Honor, on the other hand, is the other side of this company, as it is a separate brand from Huawei, and although it comes with Magic UI , the system here is an exact copy of EMUI versions , and still suffers from the ban of American companies such as Huawei as well. Huawei’s recent Honor devices such as the Mate 30, Mate 30 Pro, Honor 9X and also Honor 9X Pro , Huawei Y7p or even the latest Honor devices such as Honor V30 or Honor V30 Pro unfortunately come without any official support for the official Google applications which is the important thing for any Android user in The current time, while old Huawei phones still have this support.

Of course, the Chinese company launched its own Huawei AppGallery store to make a desperate attempt to solve this problem, but nevertheless there is no app store at all comparable to the Google Play Store strength especially if we look at the millions of applications on it and support the huge huge developers and thousands of new applications daily. So, if you miss the usual Google services or Google Play Services, then follow up on what we’re going to explain below.

In fact, all Huawei and Honor phones, especially those that came at the end of 2019 until now, are running an open-source Android system , meaning that they are able to install any application that supports the Android system on them. But despite that, you will not be able to install the Google Play Store directly on the Huawei phone for the reasons mentioned above, or any application related to GMS services (abbreviation of Google Mobile services ). But nevertheless, we’re talking about the most flexible operating system ever, so any problem often has several solutions and not one solution, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do together below.

Install Google services on Huawei phones

Below, you can find Huawei/Honor phones supporting installing Google services in the way we will explain below. At the moment it’s a fairly limited list, but we will still add any new phones as soon as there is a known way to install the Google Play app on them.

Supporting phones

  • Huawei Mate 30
  • Huawei Mate 30 Pro
  • Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G
  • Huawei Y7p
  • Nova 6 phone
  • Phone Nova 6 5G
  • Nova 7i
  • Mate XS
  • Tablet MediaPad M6
  • MatePad Pro / 5G
  • Honor 9X
  • Honor 9X Pro
  • Honor V30
  • Honor V30 Pro
  • Huawei P40
  • Huawei P40 Pro
  • All Huawei or Honor phones that came after them

Download Play Store on Chinese Huawei Phones

  1. Go to the phone’s Settings app.
  2. Go to Advanced Settings or Options .
  3. At this point you will need to activate the option to install applications from external sources, so follow these steps:
    • Go to privacy and security options or Security .
    • Click on ” Enable installation from Unknown Sources” .
    • A warning will appear that these apps may be harmful to the phone, ignore this message and do not worry because the application is safe and press OK.
  4. Now, download the following three apps to the phone memory:
  5. Once downloaded, you will need to install each of them in the same order of download, each after the other.
  6. Once the installation is completed, go to the phone application menu to find the Google Play Store app icon for Huawei phone, click on it.
  7. Now you will need to login with your personal Google account to start using the store.
And we’re done! Now you have successfully installed the Google Play Store on a Huawei or Chinese Honor, and you can start downloading and installing your favorite applications directly from the store without needing to download them from any external sources. There is an alternative “similar” method, too, that you can see its steps next.

Google Apps for Huawei devices by [GMS Installer APK]

  1. In the same way as above, enable the option to install applications from external sources.
  2. Now you will need to download the GSM Installer file  to your phone from Huawei or Honor EMUI.
  3. Once you have downloaded and installed the GSM APK file, head to APKMirror page and download the Play Store app.
  4. Now go to the Downloads folder and then manually install the Play Store APK app.
  5. Once the installation is completed, the store icon will be in the mobile app, launch it, and log in with your Google account.

Huawei Play Store [Google Installer APK]

In this method you will need to download the Google-Installer-APK file and then customize some settings. Then you will be able to download and install the Play Store app on the phone. So, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the Google Installer APK file and   also the Google Play Store APK to the phone memory.
  2. In the same way as above, enable the option to install applications from external sources.
  3. Go to the Downloads folder and install the Google Installer application.
    • Do not install the Google Play Store app now
  4. Once the app is installed, run it. On the main screen you will see a big blue circle, click on it.
  5. After that, also click on the yellow circle.
    Google services for Chinese Huawei phones
  6. At this point, you will need to have the same Google Services Framework installed on your Huawei phone.
  7. Now press the red button below to agree to the powers that the application requires to run without errors.
  8. Now, it’s time to install the Play Store APK you downloaded from above, so go and install it.
Now that you have installed the Play Store app on your phone, you will find that the Store icon is in your app list. Simply turn it on, then log into your Google account, and start downloading your favorite apps via the store as usual.

Installing Google apps on Huawei/Honor

In the event that any of the above methods did not work for you, then here is an additional way to be able to download and install the official Google services on the new Huawei or Honor devices. In fact, this method is quite long and with many steps, but it has proven its effectiveness many times because it was originally created to install Google services on Chinese phones that do not support installing this type of application in the first place.

This method requires some additional backup files which are different from one phone to another. So, this method is only specific to the phones mentioned below, and not for all Huawei devices like all previous methods. For each phone, download the appropriate file for your device below:

Installation steps

  1. We strongly advise you before anything to make a backup of the phone’s memory .
  2. Here you will need an external USB Flash memory, as well as an OTG cable to install the flash on the phone.
  3. Now, copy the file you downloaded from above into the flash, then connect it to your computer with OTG.
  4. Once installed, a new memory will appear on the phone, which will take you directly to it.
  5. Now, long click on the ZIP file located on the external memory and from the options go to the following:
    • More> then Extract to> Current Current> then click OK.
  6. Here you got two files from the zip file. From here, choose them and click on the following options:
    • Move> then USB Drive> Move> then Apply to all> Merge> Apply to all> Replace.
  7. Now go to phone settings, then go to System & Updates Options> Backup & Restore> Data Backup.
  8. In the backup options, click Next> then Agree> then External Storage> then USB Storage
    • Now you will see that there is Backup copy on October 19, 2019, Click on it to retrieve it.
  9. In the next window, select select all  and press Restore.
  10. Now the system will prompt you to enter your passcode, so enter it and press OK and complete the rest of the steps.
  11. Once the backup is complete, press the Done button  .
  12. Now go to the main screen on the phone you will find a new G icon , run this application, then click Activate> then Allow.
  13. After that, go to the File Manager app or go to USB Storage> then GMS then you will find a set of applications.
  14. Install all the apps you see in front of you one after another.

Here and we finished, now you have all the official Google applications including the Play Store store installed on the phone. Now simply go to the Play Store and log in with your Google account, then download the applications you want like any other Android phone.


  1. Hi I tried your method with chat partner and I got a message network error when I opened the chat partner app.

    I got a Huawei 7 lite and android 9

  2. Hi there,
    I decide to go against the flow and bought P50 Pro mate. Will your solution work on this newer phone as well?

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