How to take advantage of the competition between Noon and Amazon?!

There is a steady rise to online shopping by bridging e-commerce and digital solutions. Entrepreneurs scramble to fit the mold of what the clients want. Having more than one source of a supplier in the playing field not only benefits them but the consumers as well, as they scramble to give out discounts in order to attract more customers. Here in the Middle East, the companies that go neck-in-neck in being the top e-commerce site are Amazon and Noon.

If you’re caught between business giants like Amazon and Noon, how do you use this as leverage in making wise purchases?

The rise of online shopping

online shopping

The corporate giant Amazon, led by US billionaire Jeff Bezos, entered the regional market in 2021 with the acquisition of regional site, while local startup has been working to challenge Amazon’s dominance. Between the two, the first to create the friction was Mohamed Alabbar, Emirati billionaire and founder of Noon, insisting that it is critical for the region to lean towards a strong local e-commerce player.

Adapting to changes in the business world

You might think that as a consumer, their squabble will have little to no impact on your life, but as online shopping supersedes the world of business, e-commerce is here to stay. The labor it takes to have good pay, or in some places- decent pay, is taxing and the cost of living keeps shooting up. The notion that you have to pay in order to exist seems ridiculous, but it is real so you have to embrace the value of frugality.

A better time to buy on Amazon Store

amazon store

Those who are veterans in the art of online shopping patiently wait for discounts like midnight or year-end sales. Last year on June 21, Amazon announced its annual primal day and this allows members with a premium subscription to purchase items at a cheaper price for two days. Deals were available on the e-commerce site in every category, including electronics, fashion, and even in the kitchen.

Some of their Amazon promo codes include: saving 34 percent on their Creative Sound Blaster K3+ USB Powered 2 Channel, 34 percent on their Digital Mixer, and 17 percent on the Elgato Video Capture, all under the category of electronics. For those who like to hoard gadgets, they also provide discounts for computers and accessories like a 31 percent discount on the Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit.

To keep yourself updated with Amazon’s amazing deals, look for the Today’s Deals link at the top of most Amazon pages; it is a life hack for those who are on a tight budget because you will find a variety of ways to save with their promos that are offered for a limited time only.

Best deals to get out of Noon Store

Noon knows how to hold its ground when it comes to providing good promos. They have a free shipping fee in UAE when customers avail of the free delivery code or apply the noon coupon discount.

Noon Deals

Some of their promos include the exclusive Ramadan sale- that when you buy any product from their site, you get 74 percent off plus an extra 10 percent off. What a steal! When it comes to the latest mobile phones, their noon code offers an extra 10 percent off, and with fashion 80 percent off plus an extra 10 percent off.

Amazon vs Noon

While both companies offer free shipping fees when customers avail the discount, here are some promo comparisons to give you a more concrete idea.

Amazon vs Noon

The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Console is available for Dhs2969 on Amazon, with free shipping and a 10% Prime Savings discount. On the other side, the PlayStation 5 Disc Console will go on sale on Noon for Dhs3099, including free shipping and a 30dhs cashback. When it comes to handbags, the Tommy Hilfiger soft crossover bag will be 40% reduced, making it merely Dhs415 on Noon. The Guess cross-body camera handbag is normally Dhs395, but you can get it for a cheaper price of Dhs187 during Amazon’s Prime Day deal.

If you’re still at a loss with your purchasing woes, here are additional websites to help you make wise financial decisions.

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