Download Google Pixel Fold Stock Wallpapers ‘Get 28 Walls in 4K’

Two days ago, the American giant Google finally announced its first smartphone in the foldable phone category, the Pixel Fold. The new Google Pixel Fold phone is supposed to be officially launched on May 10 of this month, according to what the company stated in the promotional video that it published on its official Twitter account. In fact, the design here looks very similar to the Galaxy Z Fold from Samsung, which is not surprising given that they are both in the category of foldable devices of large size.

With the distinctive specifications of the upcoming Pixel Fold, the company has also designed some distinctive official wallpapers for it, which you can now get in the original quality below, although the phone has not been officially announced yet.

Pixel Fold “Google’s First Foldable Phone”

Google Pixel Fold
Google Pixel Fold

Being a foldable phone, the Pixel Fold is the kind of phone that folds horizontally in the middle. The inner display here has been made with a unique material mixed between glass and plastic, and it is the same material that we see in Samsung foldable phones, and basically all phones of this category from other companies.

But nevertheless, the Google Pixel Fold is characterized by being significantly less bezels than its competitors, as well as it contains enough space to place the front camera. The outer screen also contains a selfie camera, but with a screen hole design in the middle.

Google Pixel Fold specifications

If you want to know the specifications of the new Google Pixel Fold 2023 in quick points, they are as follows:

  • Chip: Tensor G2 (from Google)
  • Outer screen: AMOLED 5.8 inches with 120Hz
  • Inner screen: AMOLED 7.6 inches with 120Hz
  • Camera: 3 lenses (48MP Primary – 10.8MP Wide – 10.8MP Telephoto)
  • Battery: 4,500mAh (20W fast charging)
  • OS: Android 13
  • Weight: 283 grams


As for if you are wondering about the detailed specifications, the first thing you will find here is the all-new Tensor G2 processor, which is the latest designed by Google and manufactured by the Korean giant Samsung. And according to the company’s statement, the new phone will be distinguished by an unrivaled level of performance, especially when you know that it is the same processor as the latest flagship Pixel 7 Pro currently made by the same company.

As for the operating system, it is, of course, Android 13 (a stock OS without additions, as we are used to with Pixel devices), and it will often be one of the first phones to get the Android 14.


Pixel Fold Display

But if you want to know the specifications of the screen, they are two screens! The outer display here is of type AMOLED and measures 5.8-inch and supports a frequency of 120Hz – while the inner screen when opening the phone and using it in tablet mode is also of type AMOLED and its size is 7.8-inch. The distinctive design of the Pixel Fold allows users to enjoy the gigantic display while still being able to use the same phone in the same way as any other smartphone.


Google Pixel Fold Camera

The Google Pixel Fold phone also came with an excellent camera and imaging capabilities. Yes, you will not need to sacrifice the powerful camera if you decide to buy a foldable phone, especially if it is by Google! So, here you will get a 48-megapixel primary imaging sensor with OIS optical stabilization, another 10.8-megapixel Ultra-wide lens, and finally a telephoto sensor for zoom and better photography in portrait mode.

The camera experience here is “most likely” to be very distinctive and suitable for all situations, especially in low light conditions, thanks to the Night Sight shooting mode from Google with AI in the Google Camera app with its latest update.

Battery and Price

The Google Pixel Fold 2023 comes with a 4,500mAh battery that supports 20W fast charging. In fact, it is not the best battery capacity in a foldable phone, but despite this, the Tensor G2 processor is known to consume a relatively small amount of energy while carrying out the usual daily tasks, so we hope that this capacity will be enough to spend the whole day without the need to charge it once again.

Of course, all these features will come at a very high price, as according to other leaks, the price of the next Google Pixel Fold will be 1,799$.

Pixel Fold wallpapers

While we all know that the new Google Pixel Fold will not be officially announced until next May 10, all the wallpapers that appeared in the official promotional video for it have been leaked in full resolution, although the video has only passed for a few hours. Below, you can get 28 new wallpapers coming by default with the Pixel Fold, which are very similar to those that came with the Pixel 7 series.

Important note: Do not download the wallpapers from the following photo album because it is just a review of them, and I advise you to download from the Google Drive link that you will find below the attached images next to get the full quality.

Download Google Pixel Fold wallpapers in original quality from Google Drive

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