Download Win 11 Media Creation: Official Microsoft Windows 11 Download Tool!

Download Windows 11 Media Creation Tool direct link from Microsoft. Windows 11 with it’s “final stable version” became available for download and installation starting today, October 5, officially from Microsoft, directly on your PC after downloading the official update from your Windows Updates section “if your device is supported” or by downloading the Win 11 ISO file from Microsoft and making a flash Bootable and start installation.

But despite that, there is a third way to get the latest Microsoft OS that you may not know and I personally think that it is the easiest of all methods, which is the Media Creation tool from Microsoft, which downloads and installs Windows 11 OS files directly from Microsoft servers, without even interfering with you! So, if you want to experiment, let’s get started then!

Download Media Creation Tool from Microsoft

Tool Windows 11 Media Creation Tool
file name MediaCreationToolW11.exe
Version 10.0.22000.253 (October 5, 2021)
Occupation Download and install Windows 11 automatically
the size 9.3MB
Developer Microsoft

Direct Download Link From Mediafire: 

Direct download link: MediaCreationToolW11.exe 

Have you downloaded and found that it is actually not installable, because it works right after you click on it? Well, that’s really what it does because it’s not a program you’ll install, it’s a straightforward tool to download and install Windows 11 files. So, first you will need to provide some necessary requirements, and then you can start the installation. To find out about these requirements, go to the next section of the explanation.


  • Before installation, download PC Check Health App (to make sure your device supports Windows 11).
  • Download the Windows Media Creation Tool from above.
  • Fast internet connection is not necessarily, but it must be stable.
  • 8GB free storage (USB flash drive or external hard drive).
  • 64-bit processor.

What is the Win 11 ISO file size?

Get Stable Win 11 ISO 04

Many of you may be wondering, what is the size of the iso file of the final version of Windows 11? Well, from my experience, the official Windows 11 ISO file from Microsoft’s page came in at about 5GB in size for English, or 4.86GB for Arabic “Maybe more or less with a slight difference depending on which language you will choose.

Download Windows 11 using Media Creation tool

  1. After downloading the tool, “Run it as administrator” permissions.
    Windows 11 Media Creation Tool 01
  2. Agree to the terms of use.
  3. Click on the ‘Create Installation Media for another PC’ option and then click Next.
  4. Choose the language, version, and processor architecture according to your hardware (Windows 11 requires 64-bit).
    Windows 11 Media Creation Tool 02
  5. Next, choose if you want to mount the ISO file – or make a bootable flash drive from it.
  6. Now choose the flash drive you want to install Windows from (with a capacity of more than 8GB).
    Windows 11 Media Creation Tool 03
  7. After selecting, click Next.
  8. Now wait for the tool to finish what it’s doing, and you can see the Windows 11 download progress track on the screen.
    Windows 11 Media Creation Tool 04

Once the process of burning Windows files on the flash drive is finished, close the Media Creation Tool, and restart your computer. While restarting your computer or laptop, you will need to press the boot button repeatedly.

What are the steps to install Windows 11?

Note: For HP laptops – click the Esc button during boot up and then choose boot device from the options that will appear on the screen. As for other laptops, you will need to search for the button responsible for booting your device on the Internet, which is supposed to be one of the following: F12 , F9 , F10 , etc.

Windows Boot Menu

  1. Did you get to the boot screen? Now choose the USB drive that contains Windows from the list.
    Choose Flash Drive to boot in
  2. Now your computer will enter the Windows 11 installation screen. Simply click on Next and then Install Now.
  3. Now select I don’t have a product key > then select the version > then click on Custom.
    Windows 11 Clean Installation 01
  4. From here, select the partition on which you will install Windows, then click the “Next” button – this disk is usually “C”. So, focus not to format the wrong partition!
    Windows 11 Clean Installation 02
  5. And now you’re almost done! A clean, fresh copy of Windows 11 is now installed on your device.
    Windows 11 Clean Installation 03
  6. After the installation is finished, as soon as the computer does a restart, remove the flash drive, and the computer will go directly to the Windows 11 OS you just installed with the new OOBE customization screen  in it.
    Windows 11 Clean Installation 04
  7. So, now customize your new Windows both to your liking by pressing the “Next” button and following the instructions.
  8. Here we are done! Now you have a clean official version of Windows 11 running on your device.
    Stable Windows 11 Installed


This was our explanation today about the steps to obtain a copy of Windows 11 ISO officially from the Microsoft page, as well as making a bootable flash using the Media Creation Tool. And to make things easier for you, we have made detailed steps supported by pictures of how to burn Windows on a flash drive with the installation steps on the computer so that you get the best possible performance by installing a clean copy of Windows 11. After you have finished the installation.

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