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You can now download the EA SPORTS FC™ MOBILE 2024 .APK in Japan 11.2.01 version, with a size of 116MB. Just as there is the Chinese FIFA as well as the Korean FIFA on Android devices, we now have the Japanese version of the famous FIFA Mobile. It is a modern version of the game produced by the Korean company Nixon. However, that company managed to obtain official FIFA game permits from the parent company, Konami.

You can swim in the sea of ​​the world of football, which is loved by the kids and elders, through the small screen of your phone. So why search here and there for football games when it is possible to play the game from its original source? FIFA is one of the leading names in the football game industry. Today, we are talking with you about the Japanese game FIFA Mobile. FIFA MOBILE JP is equipped with many features that we will get to know together.

FIFA Mobile Japan apk
FIFA Mobile Japan 2024 apk

Download FIFA Japan 2024

Download FIFA Mobile JP .APK “Nexon 11.2.01 Latest for 2024” Direct Link:

Version 11.2.01 (January 25, 2024)
Size 116MB

You can download Japanese FIFA Mobile: with a size of 116MB.

Official Links: 

Important note: Before downloading you may need to run a VPN software to change your phone’s connection settings to Japan.

Get to know Japan’s FIFA Mobile 2024

A year ago, Nixon Corporation produced the Korean FIFA game. Which receives updates constantly. Perhaps these updates are a sign of the game’s success on various levels. It is played by players who are lovers and lovers of the name FIFA, and for them this name is considered a seal of credibility and strength in terms of everything, and we mean here the graphics, game performance, players’ movement, and the fluidity of the game elements in which the spirit of realism is transmitted.

Japanese Fifa Mobile
Training mode

But by the beginning of 2022, players are starting to get a little bored. They expressed these sentiments on the company’s official page on the social networking site Twitter. Where that page received a lot of tweets, comments, as well as private messages, all of which pour into the same sea. With this in mind, the company’s developers agreed not to give in and decided to make a big difference with FIFA Mobile JP.

At first, they agreed to download powerful updates for the versions of the game they already had, but someone advised them not to go through that solution. If they do that, they will be like the one who went to the restaurant to eat and had no money in his pocket. After a long thought, they decided to download the new version of the FIFA games, which is the Japanese version of FIFA Mobile. After improvements and modifications to the original version, they came up with a wonderful combination, which was the Japanese version. And wait until they hear the echo of this version after downloading it.

After downloading it a few days later there was no echo of the game at all, but rather a bang. It has caused quite a stir among the players who love to play the FIFA game on their smartphones. They note the smoothness and smoothness of the game controls. But there was still a problem. It is the appearance of some minor technical malfunctions while playing, and these malfunctions appeared even though this version is the official version and not a trial version. And the developers started receiving again complaints about the game, those complaints that are similar to the previous complaints that we talked about at the beginning of the talk about the story of the emergence of the Japanese FIFA.

But the developers quickly corrected this by downloading the new update for it, which fixed all technical malfunctions. Thus, players can play the game with the utmost comfort. They noticed the ease and smoothness of controlling the players, the ball, and all the elements of the game, which we will continue to talk about in the features mentioned in the following lines.

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