Facebook Mobile App Automatically Adds New Friends? You Are Not Alone!

A new issue has appeared in the Facebook mobile application, whether on Android or iPhone, causing you to “unintentionally” click on the Add Friend button and also Follow random people just because you visited their accounts, even if you have no mutual friends!

This problem appeared in the early hours of the day and many Facebook users have reported experiencing it, thinking they were alone in this issue, but it seems to be a global problem and we are waiting for Facebook to solve it quickly.

So, what are the available solutions to the problem of adding random friends on Facebook?

Well, unfortunately, there are no solutions available yet! All you have to do is not visit any accounts of strangers or people you do not know, because you will add them automatically when you log into their accounts. Currently, we are waiting for Facebook developers to solve the problem, and in the meantime, all you can do is go to this link to see which accounts have recently sent you friend requests so you can cancel them:

Link to cancel recent Facebook friend requests:

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