Download Yoma TV Live .APK 1.0.6 Watch France & Morocco Live Broadcast Now!

Now the Yoma TV Live app is available for Android, and by using it you can watch Morocco and France in the semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup, with a size of less than 2 MB! Do not be surprised at the small size of the app presented to you today, as this does not negate its ability to broadcast the upcoming match between Morocco and France in the World Cup final. It is smaller than other equally efficient live broadcast free app.

Now you can follow the World Cup semi-finals, specifically the match between Morocco and France, through the Yoma TV Live app and other important matches throughout the entire football season, similar to other apps that provide the same service with high efficiency, such as GreenAPP PLAYER, with the difference that app presented to you here does not require an activation code. .

Yoma TV Live Download

App Yoma TV Live
Last update 1.0.6 (Dec 14, 2022)
Size 1.40MB
Package com.ronyapp.yomatv

Download now Yoma tv Live apk (from Mediafire): com.ronyapp.yomatv-1.0.6.APK.

How to run the Live Broadcast?

When you download the app from any of the previous links, it will ask you to download a video player so that you can enjoy the live broadcast, and the name of the video player on which this app depends is on its home page, which is represented in the image below.

Yoma TV Live 01

Where you download the video player called “MX PLAYER” and you can download it from here. Or you can click on its icon on the previous home page in order to reach its page on the store directly.

After downloading the player, you will return to the app again, and you will be greeted by the aforementioned home page. Here, you will not click on the player icon, but rather click on the live broadcast icon, which is the “SPORTS TV LIVE” icon. It’s the first icon you come across in that list. After that, the application will ask you to agree to communicate with the video player that you downloaded from the previous steps. Then you go to the matches screen.

Yoma TV Live 02

Now you will find more than one link, through which you can follow the live broadcast of the match. Where the live broadcast of the channel that will broadcast the match between Morocco and France, which is BEIN Sport Max 1, will be shown.

Yoma TV Live 03

As you can see, the live broadcast of the app is stable, and pure. There is more than one server through which you can follow the match and any match you want after that.


  • Immediately enjoy the live broadcast of the Morocco-France match in the semi-finals of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.
  • Enjoy live broadcasts of all the matches you are looking forward to throughout the football season.
  • The app is based on the MX video player, which is the same player that powers many other live streaming apps.

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