Download Live Football .APK 8.2.0 ‘eFootball China 2024’ Direct Links inside!

Here is the link to download the Chinese PES Mobile CN 2024 or Live Football game, a direct link to the latest version of 1.8GB, with an explanation of the installation. Where we now offer you the Chinese version of the eFootball 2024 that everyone from different parts of the world knows. It is the game that was able to outperform itself in the world of football and be a strong competitor to the FIFA Mobile, which was sweeping this field fiercely at the beginning.

The Chinese PES game is that game in which full football matches are played, as is the case in most games in this field, unlike other games attributed to the round witch, such as the Chinese FIFA or Korean FIFA, which relies on handling individual football situations. Pes Mobile China is a game that comes alive and lives with the atmosphere of football from the referee’s whistle announcing the start of the match until the end.

PES Mobile China ‘Live Football’ 2024 apk
PES Mobile China ‘Live Football’ 2024

eFootball Mobile China 2024

Game 实况足球 – 2024
Last update 8.2.0 (Jaunary 20, 2024)
Size 1.9GB
Package com.netease.pes

Download PES Mobile China apk from here: com.netease.pes-8.2.0.apk 

  • Download for Android from TapTap
  • Download for iPhone from the App Store
  • Download for Xiaomi phones from Mi App

Old Versions:

What’s new in eFootball Mobile CN?

  • The 5th Anniversary Ceremony: The 5th Anniversary Theme Event is officially launched, and welfare activities such as highlight candidates, team ladders, promotion roads, arenas, show-off passwords, Anniversary Ceremony & Chain Exchange will be launched one after another.
  • Featured Anniversary Theme: The national service original selected players with the 5th anniversary theme as the background will log in to live football during the anniversary.
  • Guide to the new engine: introduce various functions and gameplay of the new engine through videos, and rewards can be obtained for completing the supporting guide tasks.
  • Ability point reset function: you can spend funds/gold coins to restore all allocated ability points to the unallocated state, and there is no need to consume them within three months after the function is launched.
  • Player Skills: Players can learn extra skills through player skill props, and synchronize the extra learned skills of the old engine, and unlock more skill slots through shining.
  • Expansion of bench players: the number of bench players has been expanded from 7 to 12.
  • Operation mode switching: you can switch between manual and coaching modes in some game modes.

Learn about Live Football “PES Mobile CN”

PES Mobile China 5th Anniversary

Of course, the game that we offer you in this article increases the size that was shown in the previous lines when it is downloaded and installed on the device. Where the final size is approximately 4 GB or may exceed that somewhat. This means that you have to make sure that you have enough size for the game on your device. This is so that you can benefit from the game without facing any problems or technical glitches while playing.

Live Football eFootball Mobile CN
Match formation

Although it is considered the Chinese version of the global PES Mobile game, it still retains its own personality and character. Where you enter here in full matches and teams compete in all occasions and local, continental and international tournaments as well.

Here, you control each of the players in your team’s starting line-up. And speaking of the starting lineup. Here you are free to put the players that you think are suitable for your style of play in that starting lineup. New players can be recruited to support your team in the coming seasons.

In Chinese PES, you control all the players on your team during the course of the match. Where you control them in the offensive situation as well as in the defensive situation. And here you are not limited only by the players on your team, but you can also form a dream team made up of football stars and legends such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar, Mbappe and others.

The fun even extends to the ability to include legendary players from the past, such as Ronaldinho, Maradona, Pele and others. Where you can include Messi and Ronaldinho in one team next to Samuel Eto’o and restore the glories of the Catalan club at the beginning of the third millennium.

Features of eFootball Mobile CN 2024

PES Mobile China 2023 apk
The buttons are in Chinese, but you’ll get used to them quickly
  • Millions of players are waiting for the final version of this game, which is now in your hands through the direct link listed in the previous lines.
  • You can choose the players who will represent Frick in various forums and tournaments, and you can choose your coach who will be entrusted with building plans for the team.
  • You will be responsible for everything about your team in the game during and outside the game as well. This responsibility adds its fun and realism to the game.
  • You can play the game online with friends and with other real players from around the world to test your real skills. And you can play it alone without the need to connect to the Internet when you are connected to the carrier mode.
  • The game receives a lot of updates and improvements all the time.
  • Play the same way as the global version of PES.
  • This version is no different from the version of the game that is on the computer, and this is unlike the global version for mobile, which is somewhat different from the computer version, and this is what drives many players to leave the global version and switch to the Chinese version.

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