Download iOS 17, iPadOS 17 Default Wallpapers ‘Get 22 Walls in QHD+’

Apple’s annual WWDC 2023 conference, which is highly anticipated from year to year, began yesterday, and will continue until June 9 of this month. Yesterday, the American company showed the all-new iOS 17 update for the iPhone, along with some other platform updates such as macOS and tvOS. The star of the event here, of course, as you would expect, is the new iOS 17 operating system, which came with some apparently few features, with several radical updates under the hood.

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iOS 17.0.0 update

iOS 17
iOS 17 update

Some of the updates included some changes in the phone app, as well as some new additions in the FaceTime app for video calls, as well as the iMessage app. The phone app for example has got the ability to add a large picture to the contacts along with some other customization options that have become similar to the lock screen customization capabilities, and from here you can also change the color of the image, font type and color, and so on.

There are also some new features that include the ability to respond to missed calls with ready-made voice messages, or when a call comes from an unknown number or not in your contacts, the phone app will write the message that the speaker says directly on the screen without you having to hear the recorded message from him.


FaceTime app also added a feature from those highly anticipated several years ago, which is when you call someone on FaceTime and he was unavailable during the call, here you will be able to leave a voice message for him that he can hear when he is online again.


As for the iMessage, it can now predict the text that you type while writing, as well as help you add animated stickers with writing, and now you can turn any photo or video into an animated sticker inside the app.

Personal Voice

Through the personal voice on the iPhone, you can store your own voice, which is simulated in a very close your own voice to talk to the people you want during calls, where you can write the phrases and sentences you want so that they are spoken out loud with your own voice that you have stored on your phone, This helps people who may lose speech in the short term, as your voice will be stored for use during your conversations and calls by writing the sentences you want.

Contact Poster

In addition to an impressive list of additions and features that await us in the new iOS 17 update, we will get a new feature with an amazing idea that makes it easier for us to share personal data, your numbers also through a sticker with all your contact data. You can modify the appearance of this sticker and make it in the end is a form suitable for you and your taste, so that you can share it with whomever you want to know through the basic new addition.

iOS 17 Wallpapers

With the new updates in the iOS 17, there was also a wide range of default wallpapers, whether for the home screen or the lock screen. Other wallpapers have also been added such as the weather which allows you to see what the weather is like in real time right now. There is also the astronomical backgrounds of the Earth and the Moon.

As for the new backgrounds with iOS 17, it came with a design very similar to the new images from the iOS 16 wallpapers, but with different colors, two backgrounds specifically with slight differences, one of which is for the normal mode, while the other is for the night mode.

Below you will find that we have attached both of them for the purpose of viewing only, and if you want to use any of them, then I advise you to download them from the Google Drive link that you will find at the bottom of the following photo album.

Download iOS 17 wallpapers in original quality from Google Drive

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