Download GSpace v2.2.8 APK: Get Google Apps on Huawei Devices in 2024!

Explain how to download Google apps on new Huawei phones 2024 with latest GSpace app APK. Not a little while ago, the Chinese giant Huawei was facing several problems in the basis of its industries due to the American ban on companies from dealing with Huawei, whether by selling or buying, and this of course included the technologies of manufacturing processors, as well as the license to use the Android operating system, of course because Google Basically American.

The main reason here is because of the spying on users by Huawei, in addition to that it cooperates with the Chinese government in this matter, according to the US administration, which is not certain if you are wondering!

Huawei’s ban from using American technology!

As mentioned above, last May 2019, the United States of America decided to prohibit the Chinese company from dealing with its own companies permanently, and this ban included many companies necessary for Huawei to continue its trade, such as Qualcomm manufacturer of processors, ARM company that owns smart chip manufacturing technologies, as well as Google of course.

Although the company was not greatly affected by the business interruption with Qualcomm because it was relying on the basis on its own Kirin processors, the absence of the usual Google services and apps such as YouTube, Chrome browser, or even Google Maps were among several essential things that users need to deal with any smartphone, at all.

Did Huawei solve the problem?!

Huawei’s way around this problem was to develop a new operating system so that it could get out of Google’s mantle, which came in the name of Harmony OS – but despite that, according to this XDA report while ago, this system is only a modified version of the Android OS, although The company has denied this, so we’re back to the starting point again!

It seems that the Chinese company should search for alternative solutions, and until that time, users are looking a lot for some way or steps that allow them to get the usual Google apps on Huawei, Honor new devices for 2021 and also 2022 as all of them lack some important applications such as Play Store or YouTube, for example. Of course, you can use some alternatives to Google Play, which often performs its function excellently, but even so I think that there will not be a real alternative to the Google Play Store any time soon.

Did you know that there is a new way to get Google apps via GBox and it has already been tried and works without any errors on the currently running Huawei Mate 50 Pro EMUI 13.

GSpace APK – Google apps on EMUI devices

Today, and after we talked about some other ways to install Google Play services on Huawei phones, such as Chat Partner, there is a completely new method that appeared since the beginning of 2021 so that users can install Google Play on Huawei devices and also the new Honor that came without it. This method is an application called GSpace.

Google Space App on Huawei App Gallery Mohamedovic

This method is completely easy and without any complications, as all you have to do here is download the app and run it, and perform some simple steps to get all the Google apps you need. You can download the application from the following link attached below, or simply by searching for it within the AppGallery store.

Did you know that OurPlay App can get you Google services on HarmonyOS devices!

Download GSpace APK

App Gspace
Version 2.2.8
Last updated February 11, 2024
Size 15MB
Download Gspace: or from Huawei AppGallery.

Get Gspace Old versions:

Did you know, There’s another easy way to install Google Apps on Huawei Devices via DualSpace App!

GSpace app Supportive devices:

  • Huawei Mate 60
  • Huawei P60
  • Huawei P50
  • Nova 11 Ultra
  • Nova 8 Pro 4G/5G
  • Nova 8
  • Mate 40E
  • Mate 40 Pro
  • Mate 40 Pro+
  • Huawei P40 4G/5G
  • Huawei P40 Lite 5G
  • Mate X2 (foldable)
  • Nova 7 SE 5G
  • Huawei Y7a
  • Huawei Y9a
  • Huawei Y8p
  • Huawei Y8s
  • Huawei Y6p
  • Huawei Y5p
  • Nova 7 Pro 5G
  • Nova 7 5G
  • Huawei Y7p
  • Nova 7i
  • Huawei Y6s 2019
  • Nova 6 4G/5G
  • Huawei Y9s
  • Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G
  • Huawei Mate 30
  • Nova 5i Pro
  • Nova 5T

There is a new way 2022 to be able to install Google Play on Huawei P40 and some other devices!

Installing, and running GSpace App steps

  1. Download Google Space app from the link attached above, or from the Huawei AppGallery.
  2. If you have chosen to upload a GSpace APK file, then you will need to turn on the option to install apps from external sources in your system settings.
  3. Once the installation is finished, launch the GSpace application on the phone, it will continue to load for up to two minutes, like the following image:
    Gspace APK for Huawei phones
  4. Once the app finishing loading, you will see a window similar to the following image, all you have to do is choose the Google Play store from above:
    Download Google software on new Huawei phones 2021
  5. Once you choose the Play Store app, it will simply install itself, then you will only need to log in with your Google account, and start downloading all the Google apps that you want.
  6. Yes, it’s that simple!


  1. Hi
    I downloaded the app and started it. I can’t see the Play Store App”. Why that?

    1. Hello. Just press an application, then select update, the play store will show, at the top go back to the play store and you have it. Unfortunately, you have to do it every time. Regards Slawek

  2. Hello. Just press an application, then select update, the play store will show, at the top go back to the play store and you have it. Unfortunately, you have to do it every time. Regards Slawek

  3. HONOR 9A works perfectly too. Thank you, this saved my life, I’ve been struggling on finding solution how to get gapps on my phone! Love you

  4. everybody can use youtube vanced its ad-free (blocks all pub= data saving) fast than classic one and has many features, many applications have a modded version more powerfull so never go for a stock version if the alternative one is better

  5. I downloaded both the older and new version. It refuses to download the app because of google play protection detects “this phone is not google play prtect certified. I tried to turn it off but couldnt do it

  6. Slt depuis un certain temps je ne parvient plus à effectuer de téléchargement je ne comprend pas pour quoi? Merci

    1. Hello Nicholas,
      Could you please show me a screenshot to this “FAKE” game you talking about?!
      And what’s the version you installed?

  7. After installation and login into Google, installing Google Maps, they works flawlessly, but after restart of device (or Gspace) , they say “It’s not possible to log into Google account.” Other Google apps works flawlessly.

  8. I dont get notifications from viber while gspace isn’t open. By the time I run gspace, all notification pop up..!! Any ideas ?

  9. Hi. Nowadays Gspace works really good. Im using more thank for 3 months now. No need to use for apk somewhere else, just download it from AppGallery. If you have any question, let me know.

  10. It’s easy to download “Gspace” in “AppGallery”
    After that, just log in you Google account, download all your must need apps.

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