Download GoogleFier v1.0.0 APK: New way for Huawei/Honor Google Services!

Without a doubt, Google services on all our Android phones constitute a large part of the benefit we get from devices. There is, for example, the Google Play Store that contains a huge number of applications that you can get most of them for free, or the Gmail application that You can receive or send mail messages for free to your friends, or the Maps application that you can benefit from in almost all possible matters related to maps and location, and there is also Google Drive that gives all users of these services 15 GB free space that you can use from them to upload files and share them to millions of people . You can also make free video calls with Due app, keep your photos via Google Photos and share them on any other device easily. And many other features.

Certainly, it is very unfortunate that your phone does not carry all Google app , if you are a user of Huawei or Honor Devices, especially the first that has millions of users, after the problem that occurred in the previous year 2019 when the company, which is basically Chinese, was accused of spying Customers were required to order the government of this country, and after that, the purchase of Huawei products was boycotted by many countries, including the United States, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, and Romania.

But due to the universality of this company, it has already provided alternatives to the services of this company so that no user feels a shortage while using the phone that there is no application from the one that we mentioned in the first paragraph, and it has already issued in the update that was after this problem HMS Core services, which have the Map app Kit, for example, which is a good alternative to the Google Maps, or the Drive Kit app which is a good alternative to Google Drive through which you can share your files, or the Ads Kit tool which is an alternative to Admob from Google.

In fact, these services are considered the strongest competitor to Google tools in the Android world, but Google is the strongest in the end. So if you are looking for a way to download Google services on your Huawei phone, follow this guide.

GoogleFier: Google Play for Huawei devices

There is a misconception, unfortunately, among many phone users, that there are no ways to solve the problem of unavailability of these services on Huawei phones, and there are many solutions, including these services that we talked about in the previous paragraph provided by the phone company, and there are many alternative means. For Google Play, you can get from it almost all the apps on the first store, such as the ApkPure app, which you can download from their official website, or APKMirror.

Download GoogleFier Apk

But if you are looking for a way to get all the applications in one go, and this is in the event that the method of downloading Google Play for Huawei devices or GSpace App was not useful to you, there are also many methods, which we will explain one of them today, which is GoogleFier app that was designed from By one of the developers of the XDA site, which in my opinion is the simplest way that you can use it in this matter, you will not need a computer even, just download the app from the link referred to below, then follow the simple steps in the following paragraph to run Google services on your Honor phone.


Steps source: XDA-Developers

Download Google apps on Huawei, Honor Devices

  1. First, make sure that you have finished downloading the app from the top, then install it on your device.
  2. Run the app, then skip to what is required, and give it all required permissions.
  3. After performing the previous step, change your device’s date to anywhere in 2019.
  4. Now, go back to the app again, and press the only button on the interface, indicated in the following picture.
    IMG 20201108 022514
  5. The app will automatically download a backup, after the successful completion of the process, install it on the phone.
  6. Enter the installed Backup app, and press the three dots button above after doing what it asks you to.
  7. Then click on the option Restore From Internal Storage, and click on the only backup that is shown to you.
  8. After that, the app will ask you to enter a password. Enter the password next to the password tip.
  9. Now, wait a while for the process to finish, and hit the Done button.
  10. After that, go back the date as it was in the beginning by pressing the auto-adjust button with settings, and reopen the Googlefier app again.
  11. Now, press the step buttons that will appear to you in order. You will be asked to register with your Gmail account, install Google apps, and other things. Just do what you will be asked to do.
    Googlefier install GMS Huawei Honor 5

Now it is considered that we have finished all the steps, just follow what is asked of you and you will find Google applications automatically loaded on the phone one by one.


So, we really finished talking about one of the best ways to install Google services on your Huawei phone, you can now enjoy all Google services without facing any problems, so if you encounter any problem while taking the steps just leave it to us in a comment and you will be answered as soon as possible with a solution.

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