Download FIFA Mobile KR .APK 2024 v13.2.02 The Most Powerful Football Game!

You can now download the Korean FIFA mobile 피파모바일 with the latest update 13.2.02 direct link size of 163MB. Here is one of the most powerful football games that are found on computers and smartphones as well. I would not even exaggerate when I say that FIFA Mobile is the most powerful football game known to both the small and the big screens. It was strongly rivaled by PES in all its versions. However, FIFA is credited with having taken the lead in the world of football games with its presence in the gaming market for nearly three decades.

From the great fame that this game has achieved, which is known far and wide, it has produced a special server for Korea and the surrounding East Asian countries. But this does not mean that you are unable to play it. But of course you have the ability to play it once you download it to your smartphone. So meet new players from Asia that you will not be able to meet in the original version of the game.

FIFA Mobile KR 2024

Download FIFA KR 2024

Game FC 모바일
Last update 13.2.02 (January 25, 2024)
Size 173MB

Download FIFA KR apk direct link: com.nexon.fmk-피파모바일-13.2.02.apk

Or you can download the game as XAPK from APKCombo here: com.nexon.fmk.xapk and then follow the steps of this tutorial to install it.

Important note: The fact that we are here talking about the FIFA Mobile game that is directed primarily to the Korean and Japanese user, such as PUBG KR for an example, so you can play from outside of these countries you will inevitably need a VPN app and change your phone connection to Korea or Japan. So, first change your connection, then launch the game.

FIFA Mobile KR (Korean version of FIFA)

Korean FIFA
A picture from inside the Korean FIFA Mobile

The system in which the game runs makes you enjoy every detail Where you are responsible for everything. Here you are the manager who makes plans and is in charge of transfers to bring players into your team or sell players that are no longer useful to you. You are also the physical trainer who is responsible for preparing the team physically before important meetings or before the start of tournaments.

Once you download the Korean version of FIFA Mobile, you are opening yourself a big door to the world of the round witch. Where tactics, player skills, and many more elements or things that you enjoy in real football. It is now in your hands. This is where the competitive and tactical situation in the game gets tough. Put in it all your experience or skill.

Learn more about FIFA Mobile KR

Korean FIFA
The best leagues and players in FIFA Korea

The Korean FIFA game is available for download with a direct link. And the nice thing is, that this game comes to you on your Android phone without the annoying ads that always appear in free apps and games, although downloading them is also available for free. Also, you can play it without an internet connection. This is one of the great features that gives you the freedom to play the game anywhere, even if there is no internet service.

In the Korean FIFA Mobile, you will taste the victories against the big and lesser teams, according to your skills and experience that qualify you to do so. Given FIFA’s constant quest to reach perfection in terms of contact with reality, in some cases you will find that the tide of circumstances is going against your desires. You may suddenly find an abundance of injuries to the influential players on your team, and this of course has a negative impact on the team’s performance. It may cause you to lose some matches, some of which may be decisive, not because of your low level. But because of the circumstances she was exposed to.

Therefore, in such difficult circumstances, the competition here is a great challenge. Here you challenge the opponent’s strength as well as the weakness and fragility that hit your team due to injured players or influential players who have left the team to play in other teams.

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