Download Bully: Anniversary Edition .APK/.OBB ‘Direct Links Inside’

Here are the links to download Bully: Anniversary Edition APK latest version for Android with a size of 2GB. Bully game is one of the best games presented by the famous game company Rockstar, although many years have passed since the launch of this game, but it is still a favorite among many users, young and old.

The game was launched in 2006 on the PlayStation 2 and it has gained great popularity At that time, some developers also released modified versions of this game, which also became very popular, such as the Scholarship version developed by Mad Doc Software.

bully is played from a third person perspective where you control the game character Jimmy, a naughty student, in an open world and you can walk or use a scooter, bike or stroller to move around and you can do a lot of other activities within the game, and the game is now working on a lot of Operating systems and game platforms, including Windows, Android and iOS, as well as PlayStation and Xbox.

The game is available on official stores such as the Play Store, but it is paid, and in this topic we discuss with you the most important information about the game in addition to direct links to download the game on Android.

Bully Anniversary Edition apk
Bully Anniversary Edition

Bully: Anniversary Edition download

Download Bully: Anniversary Edition .APK “ latest version” direct link for Android:

Game Bully: Anniversary Edition
Version (Jun 13, 2022)
Size 2.0 GB
Package com.rockstargames.bully

From here download Bully: Anniversary Edition .APK (from Mediafire): com.rockstargames.bully.apk while the obb file you can get from this Link: In order to be able to install apk + obb files, follow the steps of this explanation.

Game story

Bully: Anniversary Edition 2023

Bully is set in the fictitious town of Bullworth in the New England region of the United States, and the protagonist of the game is a mischievous student, James Hopkins, or as “Jimmy”, 15 years old, claims. Jimmy is a very naughty student and always causes a lot of problems at school, so he was expelled from 7 schools before, so his mother decided to transfer him to a new boarding school known as Bullworth Academy for a year, and at this time his mother goes with her new husband to spend their honeymoon while they leave Jimmy in the city.

Although the school is in the main area in the game, in the city of Bullworth there are 4 different main areas, such as the commercial district Bullworth Town, which includes many shops and the town hall, and the Old Bullworth Vale area, which consists of a suburb that includes many palaces, shops and beaches, and the New District Coventry, which consists of apartment buildings where the poor live, and there is the Blue Skies Industrial Park, which consists mainly of factories and industrial buildings.

At the beginning of the game and during the first part, you will not be able to explore only the academy or the school in which you are playing, but as you progress in the game, more other areas will become available in the game, and the general appearance of the city changes when you progress in the game as well, specifically in the third chapter where it is In winter the city becomes covered with snow.

In Jimmy’s new school, students start bullying him, and this causes him harassment, and therefore he decides to take revenge on them through the capabilities and weapons available to him, and this causes him great problems with students, teachers, and even the school principal who gets angry with him, and your role in the game is to guide Jimmy and control him inside the school And defend it where the game is from the third person view and you can move around the school, climb the stairs, enter the classrooms, the school laboratory, etc. The game also has a competitive multiplayer mode so that you can compete with other players in order to get the higher positions.

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