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In these days, the internet became one of the most important marketing & advertising tools playing a key role in the success of companies reaching targeted clients. Therefore, here in we value the importance of the internet for companies & organizations. is one of the top Arabic tech websites (Operating Systems – Mobile phones – Programs – Websites & Applications – News). Mohamedovic is one of the top 26,000 visited websites worldwide, & is one of the top evolving websites in the tech world. has been launched in 2017 & since the day of launching, we are taking great care of the development of the website & keep its identity as a website that provides solutions for the tech problems facing Arab users.

Website Statistics

  • Website visitors reach +500,000, and +8 million impressions per month.
  • 26,000 Global Alexa ranking.

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  • Write an article about your product or service.
  • Add a link to your website in our current relevant articles.
  • Products reviews.

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