2021 Best Christmas Gift from Blackview

Christmas is around the corner. Looking for some nice tech gadgets as Christmas gifts for your dad, uncles, nephew or any male recipients while not wanting to break your bank? Maybe this guide to Christmas gifts for men will give you a big hand, as we have rounded up some men-oriented Blackview smart devices yet only at a fraction of the cost of a high–end flagship. Read on to see whether you can find one or two that suit your needs.

Gift Priced under $50

Fitbuds 1

Fitbuds 1

Fitbuds 1 is a pair of collar bluetooth earphones which two earbuds can be attached together, forming a circle around their neck to avoid losing. With noise cancellation technology, it can make your loved one have clear calls with their  friends, siblings or offsprings who live far-away.

Price: $49.99 $39.99

AirBuds 1

AirBuds 1

AirBuds 1  is a chic and affordable alternative to AirPods and its all-black and stylish appearance can no doubt win the heart of young men mainly under 35. Featuring Bluetooth 5.0 chip, it cuts out disconnects and freezes and lets your ear revel in crystal-clear and crisp tunes. For music enthusiasts who care about sound quality or men who like to listen to audiobooks in the subway, consider giving them a pair of  Blackview AirBuds 1.

Price: $59.99 $39.99

AirBuds 3

AirBuds 3

Long gone are the days when people jog in the early morning, holding phones in hands with long cords dangling to their earbuds. Blackview’s AirBuds 3 wireless earphone is now under 40$ in Christmas, it is possibly the best earbuds you can get for your loved one at this price range.

Price: $49.99 $39.99

R 6


R6 is a heath tracking rugged smartwatch for Men. It provides always-on heart rate and sleep monitoring as well as mindful breathing training. For those who have cardiac issues or sleep problems, R6 can be a genuine reminder of physical ailments. Get an R6 for your father or grandpa as a Christmas gift and they will surely be satisfied with it.

Price: $69.99 $49.99

Gift Priced under $100


A80 . phone

If you are looking for an entry-level android smartphone,here the A80 comes. Though,it may not get you those captivating photos that make you get a lot of likes in social media, its quad-lens camera does deliver neon brilliance at night that other entry-level smartphones cannot offer. When you consider its price, A80 is beyond compare by offering great value-to-price ratio.

Price: $99.99


A60 . phone

This is once again a budget entry-level smartphone ready for men over 50 like your dad or grandpa. Of course for people who at whatever age don’t rely on their phone to manage their work or entertainment, A60 takes an absolute beating. It does the basics well with a quad-core processor and whopping expandable storage. As a bonus , A60 splashes out with fascinating colors: Gradient Blue, Emerald Green and Interstellar Black. Its Christmas offer is lower than 80 dollars. Don’t miss out on this one.

 Price: $99.99  $79.99

Gift Priced under $200



If your loved ones are travel bugs, you might want to consider giving them BV6300.  It is a military-grade budget phone that is worth far more than the sum of its parts by integrating ultra toughness and slimness. Travelers can hardly avoid dropping phones in their journey while expensive phones are usually too delicate. So a BV6300 is a second-to-none alternative that can help you save hundreds while ensuring long-lasting company.

Price: 179.99$  $129.99


Phone A100

A100 features 10 fps(frame per second) photography technology that enables itself to deliver crisp and clear pictures of a motional object. Its large 1.4μm pixels help capture photos of people and places that pop even in a low light environment. That’s why it is favoured by shutter bugs and those who clamor for mesmerizing Instagram photos. A100 is primarily designed for men aged from 15 to 45, and for those who are professionals and hobbyists of photography, A100 is also their right pick.

Price: $249.99 $179.99

Tab 11

Tab 11 tablet

There is seldom any tablet that brandishes a slew of captivating high-end specs at this price point like Tab 11 does. It is a sure bet for men aged from 20 to 45 to celebrate this Christmas with a bang. If your loved ones are movie lovers or workaholics, Tab 11, which can provide a splendid visual feast and aid them through the work day with Widevine L1 certification and staggeringly large battery and storage, is right up their alley. Moreover, buying a Tab 11 is equal to getting a 10.36-inch tablet, big-sized smartphone and mini-sized laptop so this Christmas deal is the best opportunity that should be seized.

Price: $189.99 – 244.99

Tab 10

Tab 10 tablet

Tab 11 loaded with numerous first-rate features is suitable for men mainly under 40, especially those who are students. Its spacious FHD+ display and split view screen allow them to enhance their efficiency in study whether it is for online classes at home or heavy reading tasks in a café or a library. Its 13MP camera excels in taking pictures of important notes even from the back of a classroom. Considering such nice specs, Tab 10’s  Christmas offer is surely a bonus.

Price: $199.99 $189.99

Gift Priced under $300


BL5000 هاتف phone

For hardcore gamers, the most suitable Christmas gift is a gaming phones that can move them to their core. If your male recipient is a 15-to -30-year-old who is obsessed with demanding games, gift them BL5000 which is a beast of performer in gaming with speedy octa-core processor and top-tier ruggedness that allows them to take it out on the phone after game failure. As an extra bonus, BL5000 sports closed-loop motor to allow users to capture 10 frames per second. Its original price might be pricey for someone, but its Christmas price tag is too tempting to be passed up.

Price:  $499.99 $299.99

BV6600 Pro 

BV6600 Pro

Put simply, BV6600 Pro has adopted the most revolutionary thermal imaging technology by FLIR ®. If your loved ones happen to be a firefighter, plumber or zookeeper, need an inspection tool for daily uses or desire to share different photos in social media, this smartphone would be their most reliable mate as it can help them see through heavy smoke, find plumbing issues or hidden animals or get alien-like shots. Besides, BV6600 Pro doesn’t disappoint its user with a 8580 battery that just enables you to make through a day no matter what you throw at it.

Price: $399.99 $249.99

Blackview is going all out this Christmas, offering substantial discounts on its star smart devices. Note that those devices hardly see any price reduction or deals in the whole year, so if you are looking for some cool tech gifts, go take advantage of Blackview’s Christmas deals.


In fact, Blackview offers us many amazing discounts this year that can never be compensated, and the devices that the company offers us from smart watches and wireless headphones, as well as phones and tablets, are very distinctive and offer extraordinary performance! But remember that these discounts are for the occasion of the New Year and therefore they will not last long so take the opportunity now and take advantage of these great discounts before they expire.

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